Logan Paul Girlfriend video Leaked on Twitter and Reddit

Many believe the female in an explicit video going popular on Twitter may be Nina Agdal, Logan Paul‘s girlfriend. Although the video has not yet received any comments from Logan or his girlfriend, netizens have been going crazy ever since the disclosure.

Over the past two weeks, the conflict between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has deteriorated significantly. Logan and his fiancée Nina Agdal have frequently been the targets of Dillon’s tweets, to the point where he has even posted images and videos of Nina on his account. The MMA fighter and the former YouTuber turned boxer are scheduled to square battle in the ring the following month. In the midst of their heated arguments, an NSFW video of an unnamed female doing personal actions with a man is making the rounds on Twitter. Numerous individuals assert that Nina is the girl in the video, although a source has recently refuted this.

Alleged NSFW video of Logan Paul’s GF Nina Adgal goes viral

Just a few days before to the NSFW video, Dillon had tweeted that he had some pornographic images of Nina.

He said in a tweet on September 3 that he wanted to “drop these nukes I have of Nina so bad it would literally break the internet.”

Additionally, he asserted that if he uploaded them, he risked being sued or imprisoned.

“These are so bad, I would definitely get sued, go to jail, and be fight would be off. But I might just say f**k it,” he said.

In the incriminating graphic video, a female and another person are both unnamed and engaged. The video has been widely distributed on the platform, which has enraged Logan and Dillon’s followers. If Nina is the girl in the video, that is unclear. Additionally, a lot of internet users have brought up how Nina does not actually have the neck tattoo that the girl in the video does. Additionally, it is unknown who posted the footage online. So far, it has not come from Dillon’s account but rather from an unnamed source.

Logan and Nina have been silent over the footage. Some accounts, nevertheless, claim that Nina isn’t the girl in the.

Logan and his fiancée Nina were contacted for comment by HITC and GRV Media.

Girl in the video is not Nina, Drama Alert ‘confirms’ ?

Following the film’s internet ubiquity, the well-known influencer news outlet Drama Alert published the statement, “Leaked explicit video of Logan Paul’s fiancé is NOT real, DramaAlert has confirmed.”

The video was also remarked on by Mike Majlak, a close friend of Logan’s, who said, “Now that it’s been confirmed that wasn’t Nina, the main question is who is that girl.”

Logan recently addressed Dillon’s last week’s publication of pictures of his partner on his Impaulsive show. He acknowledges the fighter’s distribution of photos of Nina grinning or with other famous people, but promises that it won’t cause friction between them.

He said: “Nothing will get between us, not some fake internet troll. His life has devolved to being a pretend fighter. 

“He’s attacking an uninvolved third-party, a woman. That’s all he has and I get it, all is fair in love and war. The amount of dirt I have on him sitting in my phone, but do I want to go there?”

When do Dillon Danis and Logan Paul fight?

The battle between Logan and Dillon will take place on October 14, 2023. The game will be held in the UK’s Manchester Arena.

The battle between the two will be included in the main event between KSI and Tommy Fury. It will also be the Impaulsive host’s first boxing contest since his bout with Floyd Mayweather in June 2021.

Logan has since concentrated on starting his WWE career. However, he will fight Dillon, Connor McGregor’s training partner, on October 14.

Recently, Ricochet was defeated by Logan in a WWE bout.

Watch Logan Paul Girlfriend video

The Logan Paul Girlfriend video sent shockwaves across social media and the internet, piqued the public’s curiosity and attracted a lot of attention from fans. The release of a video showing Logan Paul’s girlfriend, a well-known content producer, prompted a lot of discussion and rumors.

The film has gained popularity and sparked discussions on the limits of privacy in the digital age as well as the fuzziness of the distinction between celebrities’ private and public lives. This event serves as a reminder that even public persons have the right to privacy, and it highlights issues regarding the accountability of content producers and the significance of consent when disclosing intimate details to a sizable internet audience.

Logan Paul Girlfriend video
Logan Paul Girlfriend video

You can Watch Logan Paul Girlfriend video HERE

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