Madison Brooks LSU Death Student Video Leaked

A disturbing video allegedly showing Louisiana State University (LSU) student Madison Brooks slurring her words and arguing with her alleged rapists has been leaked on social media. Brooks was later raped, thrown to the side of the road, and fatally struck by a car in East Baton Rouge last month.

The 29-second video, released by the suspects’ lawyers, shows Brooks in the backseat of a car with the four accused rapists, mumbling and insulting the males. She also briefly calls the driver “gay.” The footage has caused outrage, with Brooks’ family lawyer, Kerry Miller, calling it “hurtful and disgusting” and accusing the defense of trying to manipulate public opinion.

Another video released last month shows Brooks leaving a bar in Baton Rouge to join the suspects, identified as Desmond Carter, Kaivon Washington, Casen Carver, and Everett Lee, all adults. Brooks’ death has shocked the LSU community and sparked calls for justice.

Madison Brooks LSU Death Student Video Leaked
Madison Brooks LSU Death Student Video Leaked

Carter has been charged with first-degree rape and could face life in prison without parole. The others are accused of third-degree rape, defined in Louisiana as having intercourse with a victim without their consent. According to court records, Brooks had a high blood-alcohol level of 0.319g%, and toxicologists warned she may have had alcohol poisoning or loss of consciousness. The Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control has suspended the bar’s license due to the seriousness of the allegations.

The leaked video has once again brought attention to the issue of sexual assault and harassment on college campuses, and highlights the importance of preventing such crimes and providing support for victims.


The leaked video allegedly showing Madison Brooks arguing with her accused rapists has caused shock and outrage. The case highlights the need for better prevention and support for victims of sexual assault and harassment on college campuses.

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