Watch Severo Sinverguenza New video viral Leaked on Twitter

The restaurant in California serves waffles and pastries in phallic forms, and its personnel have a unique manner of serving its customers.

The phallic-shaped waffle and dessert store, ‘Severo Sinvergüenza,’ located in Cali (Valle del Cauca), has been a craze on social media and the subject of numerous media headlines in the last few hours: What’s the reason? The manner in which local personnel treat consumers has gone viral.

It all started with a video in which one of the local staff appears to pour condensed milk on a woman’s chest before removing it with his teeth. As a result, videos of this style with the specific technique of serving personnel, who imitate erotic circumstances when giving desserts to customers, have flooded Twitter.

Who is the Severo Scoundrel model that has transformed social networks? Considering the establishment’s media focus, one of its employees has gotten a lot of attention: Ray Cabrera, who is about 27 years old and comes from Venezuela.

Given that the issue surrounding the manner in which he offers his services on the premises has focused attention on him, many individuals have interviewed him, including a TikTok user. He spoke with the model about his background and his experience in Colombia.

“I am Venezuelan and I am extremely grateful to Colombia, they have received me and they have given me tremendous hospitality. I have been here for six years now and I have no complaints about anyone”.

‘Severo Sinvergüenza’ has been chastised for the things it sells, much as Ray Cabrera has been chastised. In social media, a debate has erupted over machismo, and what would happen if it were a woman who served as Cabrera does, with the model likely not receiving the positive response he has received from the people if he were not attractive.

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About the criticism, the Venezuelan model responded in an interview with someone known in networks as “Habla Caliche”:

“It is unfortunate that this is the case, it is part of our masculine gender, they make very macho criticism; It is something that I am very sorry… There are a number of people who think things that are not ‘Severe Scoundrel’, I am not going to tell them anything, I want to invite them to come to the place, those people who believe that it is not something positive; It’s just more than kinky and all that stuff. I invite you and I especially am going to attend you and I am going to give you an unforgettable experience”.

Despite the criticism and controversy that has erupted around the location, it appears that this has had no effect on the frequency of their clientele, primarily female; as a journalist from Caracol Radio recently discovered at least 300 women lining up, and several of them highlighted enjoying the experience without considering it disrespectful.

Watch Severo Sinverguenza Leaked Video

Severo Sinverguenza Leaked Video
Severo Sinverguenza Leaked Video

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