A viral video caused the operations of the Viera High football team to be halted, and the coach was fired.

viral video shows inappropriate conduct including kids from Viera High dressed as football players. leads to an investigation of the event.

In reaction to a viral video that showed team members laughing and cheering as players imitated sex acts with one another, the superintendent of Brevard Public Schools on Sunday banned all football team activities at Viera High and fired the varsity head coach.

The school launched an investigation as a result of the video, which is still continuing, according to Superintendent Mark Rendell, and involves district security and law enforcement.

“Hazing, bullying, and intimidation have no place in Brevard Public Schools,” Rendell declared in a statement on Sunday.

He said that after spending “the past few days investigating the hazing incident” involving football team members, the district decided to halt both varsity and junior varsity football team activities on Sunday. Shane Staples, the head coach, was also fired until further notice. Additionally, all Viera High football players must participate in an anti-hazing education program “before there is a possibility that the football program could be reinstated,” Rendell added.

The administrator of the 2,216-student school informed the “Hawk Nation” in an email sent on Saturday that there had been an incident this week at an unidentified location. The pupils in the video could be seen sporting training uniforms from Hawk Nation, including shirts and helmets.

According to Russell Bruhn, a spokeswoman for the school district, “there is an ongoing investigation into the actions of multiple Viera High School students,” in a statement sent via email on Sunday.

shane staples

“Our priority is to collaborate with district security and school-based administrators to swiftly and thoroughly complete an investigation,” the statement reads.

Instantaneously, it was unclear precisely when the 41-second video was filmed. It was also unclear whether any coaches or adults in charge of supervision were in the room with the teenagers as the activity persisted. at a game on Friday night at New Smyrna Beach, the football squad participated.

The video first went viral over the weekend, setting up social media rumors that reached fever pitch.

The genuine video footage depicts students giggling and shoving with dressed-up actors while attempting to yank one’s shorts off.

While others cheered, several of the players appeared on top of the students, thrusting and acting out sexual actions while what seemed to be condom packages were thrown to the ground. Another student helped a player off his feet. One of the students comments, “That’s bad.” One more adds, “We are lit.”

It wasn’t immediately clear if the parents or the youngsters involved informed the school about the event. Heather Legate, the school’s principal, decided to send out an email as a result of the attention on social media.

Legate sent out the email late Saturday. “I wish the triumphs at the kickoff classic weren’t overshadowed by the rumors currently circulating within our school community,” he wrote.

Legate referenced the Federal Educational Right to Privacy Act when she claimed that the regulation forbade her from revealing a large portion of the events surrounding the film.

“I can tell you that a number of pupils were involved in an incident this week. Please be assured that I am looking into the incident and abiding by Brevard Public Schools’ established punishment guidelines, Legate wrote.

A parent-player team meeting will be held by the district, according to Rendell, to “start the process of improving team culture and raising expectations.” He said that he was certain a choice will be made shortly about the program’s future and the players who had been suspended.

Jennifer Jenkins, a member of the Brevard Public School District, said on Facebook earlier in the day on Sunday that she had spoken with the superintendent of the school system.

Like everyone else, I learned about this on social media. If we discover that there is a culture of this, the squad ought to be suspended, Jenkins said.

Jenkins stated in her article that any allegations of hazing need to be taken seriously right away.

Jenkins said that the district “is taking this extremely seriously” and “has already begun a full investigation into the timeline of the alleged incident and as to the potential of a culture that may have fostered this behavior.”

“There is no scenario in my mind where I feel it is appropriate this program continues this school year. Hazing should never and will never be tolerated. This message needs to be loud and clear to all athletes districtwide.”

Watch Viera High School Coach Viral Video

Watch Viera High School Coach Viral Video
Watch Viera High School Coach Viral Video
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