Adin Ross Tape Leak Scandal: What Really Happened?

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Adin Ross recently discussed the status of his relationship with Demisux, following allegations of her cheating on him with an ex that went public on social media. The two appear to have been together for some time since the incident was reported, as the Kick streamer addressed it live while streaming from the bus. Adin appeared to make generic generalizations about people being garbage while thanking his fans and friends for their support.

Demisux was accused of lying about having lunch with her parents when Adin Ross supporters circulated Instagram and Snapchat images saying she was instead hanging out with her ex-boyfriend. Ross appears to have ended his connection shortly afterwards.

He addressed the topic in a recent livestream:

“Okay listen, so look, bro. I am about to be honest with you all, bro. Nothing I can say or do, I am just going to take the high road out of here. Um, people come and go, I get f**ked over a lot. People are f**king trash, straight up and that’s just life.”

Fans’ Reactions to Adin Ross Discussing the Demisux Situation: ‘Adin Gave Her Everything

Adin Ross is one of Kick’s most popular livestreamers, with tens of thousands of viewers tuning in on a regular basis. Known for hosting celebrity guests and gameshows with fellow creators, his relationship with fellow content creator Demisux had already been strained, with Ross claiming they had broken up last month.

However, this time, it appears that things are final after clips of Demisux allegedly lying to him went viral. Adin appeared very much touched by it, but in his remark, he highlighted that individuals “come and go” and that he is glad for having a wonderful set of pals. He also said that he knew he would get trolled after the accusations surfaced, saying:

“That’s why I have a very good set of people, crew around me and that’s about it. And I appreciate you guys. ‘Cause, it is what it is, bro. Can’t do s**t about it. You guys can laugh all you want, you got c**ked, she got f**ked.”

Adin Ross Tape Leak Scandal
Adin Ross Tape Leak Scandal

Adin Ross went on to give his take on the situation, stating that despite the supposed cheating accusations, he was not going to bad-mouth anybody, including Demisux. However, he acknowledged that he did feel “some type of way” about it:

“Now look, I’ll be honest. I know you all are going to hit me with the we told you gang, we told you. I know, bro, and you all know best all the time, so. I appreciate you guys, bro. I am not going to bad-mouth anybody. I don’t care. Obviously, I feel some type of way…”

Fans were understandably distraught at the news. Here are some reactions to the video on social media.

It’s unknown whether the Kick streamers were in a committed relationship, but Adin Ross’s reactions on camera suggest that the episode had a significant impact on him.
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