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According to Amouranth, she has made over $33 million by selling nudes on the platform OnlyFans. In the past, the streamer has been fairly open about how much she makes, but her pay slips have never been released.

amouranthnude video viral
amouranthnude video viral

Streamers on any platform watch the content creator the most. As a Twitch streamer, Amouranth is frequently the subject of controversy, suffering numerous bans and suspensions. Streamer Amouranth described switching to OnlyFans as empowering, describing the platform as a “much safer environment” than Twitch. Amouranth added: “You get well compensated for it. It feels like you’re taking back control.”

Who is Amouranth?

A member of the cosplay community, a model, a YouTuber, and a Twitch streamer, Amouranth was born on 2 December 1993. As well as appearing on The Little Couple, she has also appeared in other reality shows. Find out everything about her in this wiki and biography.

Kaitlyn Siragusa was born as Amouranth in Houston, Texas, United States. Her education was provided by a local private school in Houston. It’s a way for her to express herself artistically through cosplay. It’s one of her favorite things to dress up as a fictional character and mimic their mannerisms.

amouranthnude Leaked Video

According to Amouranth, this is the monetization route that is least frictional. The stigma of it being OnlyFans wasn’t too prevalent. As a streamer, even before OnlyFans, I was subjected to a lot worse.” Amouranth recently founded her own “e-girl agency” called It’s Real Work to support “all women who are interested in us helping them streamline, optimize, and provide assistants, editors, etc. They can use their fan sites and content creation businesses to grow.”

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Her likeness was allegedly stolen in April in the context of an ongoing dispute. She described how lucrative this could be, saying she makes more than $1.5 million a month from OnlyFans. According to Amouranth, it’s not about the money. “It’s about sending a message.” She added that “in all sincerity, I could not do this without the incredible team I’ve built.” She directed her followers to It’s Real Work.

amouranthnude video viral
amouranthnude video viral

The time she spent at OnlyFans resulted in Amouranth’s material success, but a stalker apparently followed her from Estonia to “my city, staying in a hotel right next to my PO box.” According to the streamer, the stalker “camped out at a Starbucks next to my PO box every day for over a month.” According to the streamer, the stalker was detained and deported back in June.

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