Blueface And Girlfriend Chrisean Rock S*x Tape Clip Goes Viral After Full Link Is Leaked On Twitter And Instagram

Reports are coming that Chrisean Rock and Blueface have broken up with each other after their intimates were leaked on social media with the video viral on Twitter

The relationship between Chrisean Rock and Blueface, two well-known musicians, has been in the news recently. A few weeks ago, videos of the two appearing to get into another public altercation appeared online.

Blueface And Chrisean Rock S*x Tape Goes Viral After Full Link Is Leaked On Twitter And Reddit

At the time, Chrisean claimed the rapper had knocked her father out and used her Instagram stories to post that “family stuff didn’t go well.”

Even though it seemed the pair was at odds once more two weeks later, the hip-hop artists’ intimate video has been leaked. The leak created so many odds between them and everything seemed to have ended this time.

At least that is what they are now claiming. In the history of Hip-Hop partnerships, the most toxic relationship may be coming to an end. So, let’s find out what transpired between them:

A Private Video Of Chrisean Rock And Blueface Has Gone Viral

retweets on Twitter. According to reports, the video was purportedly shared using Chrisean’s official Twitter account @ChriseanMalone. On Blueface’s page, the video is missing.

Though it was shot in a considerably darker setting this time, a second video has also generated attention on Twitter. There are two persons whose groans you can hear, but you can’t tell who they are.

According to Twitter postings, the viral video was purportedly released via Chrisean’s Instagram Stories. Both of these videos are missing from her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Did They Break Up?

On Monday, October 3, only a few hours after the Rainy Days singer vented on Twitter about her relationship with Blueface, the leaked footage became viral. Taking to Twitter, she wrote,

Y’all can have him. Chrisean Rock is single. Chrisean you are enough.

She later added,

U gon wish u only kept this one tho.

But the singer went on to say this about her relationship with Blueface:

It’s not that we are a couple, we are great partners when it comes to money. I’m loyal to the ppl that’s present for me. I conditionally love Blue.

Despite this, she said she was no longer his girlfriend. Chrisean’s remark about being single prompted Blueface to tweet:

Watch Chrisean Rock And Blueface

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