Missouri Teacher Brianna Coppage Is OnlyFans’ ‘Favorite MILF’

As per the CBC news report. The St. Clair High School in rural Missouri, where 28-year-old Brianna Coppage taught English Language Arts to ninth and tenth graders, this week placed her on leave. The cause? Coppage also worked as BrooklinLovexxxx on the website OnlyFans, where she offers paid users a sneak peek at everything from “squirting” and “anal” to “cream pie” and “solo play.”

An hour’s drive southwest of St. Louis is the town of St. Clair, population 4,700. An administrator at the school claimed that the district had recently been informed that Brianna Coppage “may have posted inappropriate media on one or more internet sites” and that an inquiry into the problem was being conducted. Coppage is prohibited from entering the classroom in the interim.

Not against Brianna Coppage, but rather at the school for acting so shocked that an employee they paid $42,000 a year would labor to augment that salary, the public outrage was swift. All around Missouri and even in Europe, her story has made headlines.

We spoke with Coppage, who describes herself on OnlyFans as “your favorite MILF,” about how she got started on the site, how society is shifting its views on sex work, and how the past few days have gone.

To make it clearer and shorter, this dialogue has been altered.

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You joined OnlyFans early this year and have been a teacher since 2018. Why did you decide to explore adult work?

I had always heard success tales about wealthy individuals. It was something along the lines of “You can pay off your student loans and whatever else.” So it was because of those stories that I thought, “Wow, I want to try that and see if it would work for me.” That was how it began.

And you’ve enjoyed it, it sounds like?

Absolutely. I really do. I believe it provides people the possibility to express themselves and simply act in a way that may perhaps allow them to be more real.

According to what I read, you earn $10,000 a month from the platform. Were you at all taken aback by your accomplishments after only a short time on OnlyFans?

I most certainly was. Without a doubt, it didn’t occur right away. It didn’t take off until I teamed up with several other artists who are well-known in St. Louis. And that’s when things really started moving forward for me. A lot of trial and error has been involved. You don’t get any marketing help from OnlyFans. There is no “for you” page where you may look up folks.

It costs $10 per month to subscribe to your page. How many people follow you?

Well, recently, it’s really taken off. We’re not far from 1,500 now.

I don’t want to suggest that what has happened has been positive, but there seems to be a bright side.

Absolutely. Really, I just had two options. One was to remove everything and hide from it, even though my name would still be public. I was certain that I would not return to school. Leaning into it was not an option; running and hiding was. And at the end of the day, I still have expenses to cover and a family to support.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m genuinely shocked. A lot of people are advising to “Leave her alone, this is her personal business.” Many individuals are emphasizing the fact that if teachers were paid a living salary, this wouldn’t occur. Sincerably, the response has been overwhelmingly supportive. There will always be people who have nasty things to say. However, they have been scarce.

I received a message from someone who identified themselves as a Catholic school administrator. You do you, they said. You are doing fantastic. You merit all the assistance. That surprised me.

Has there ever been a situation where learning the truth has been particularly difficult?

I don’t feel ashamed of myself. Actually, I’m not even concerned with myself. But having these discussions with your family might be difficult. That is never simple.

What has been the general nature of their response so far?

At first, shocked. but then encouraging.

In comparison to an older-school perspective, how do you believe those in their 30s and younger view work on platforms like OnlyFans?

Everyone has their own moral compass, therefore it stands to reason that different people will have different ideas of what is appropriate. I do believe that there were suddenly a lot of younger creators emerging, seemingly every day, after 2020, when OnlyFans kind of burst. So, I dunno, it does appear to be gaining in acceptance. Having said that, I’m not suggesting I would want to advocate for it [as a profession] among younger people. But attitudes toward diversity are evolving.

What is ahead for you?

I’m just going to attempt to make the most of my online presence by leaning into it.

Watch Brianna Coppage OnlyFans Video

Watch Brianna Coppage OnlyFans Video
Watch Brianna Coppage OnlyFans Video
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