Celina Powell Posts Alleged Explicit Video With Lil Meech

In the latest social media debacle, Celina Powell Lil Meech posted an allegedly explicit video with Lil Meech on OnlyFans, sparking controversy among fans of the couple. While Lil Meech and Summer Walker’s relationship has largely been well-received, Powell’s history of adding drama to relationships has caused concern among fans.

Powell has a notorious reputation for dating high-profile men and stirring up trouble. She has been connected to celebrities like Snoop Dogg, DJ Akademiks, and Offset in the past. Despite this, Lil Meech and Powell appear to have a close relationship, which has caused friction between Lil Meech and Walker’s fans.

Celina Powell Posts Alleged Explicit Video With Lil Meech
Celina Powell Posts Alleged Explicit Video With Lil Meech

Walker’s previous relationship with London On Da Track was tumultuous and served as the basis for her album Still Over It. After recovering from the traumatic experience, she briefly dated Larry before separating. However, they now share twins together.

While Lil Meech has been busy with his acting career, Walker has been focusing on her music. She is set to release her Clear 2: Soft Life EP later this month and has already delivered exceptional performances at Something in the Water and Dreamville Festival. Despite the drama, Walker appears to be unbothered by the online commotion and continues to post happy pictures on her boyfriend’s page.

In her attempt to incite conflict between the couple, Powell posted a selfie wearing Lil Meech’s distinctive chain, which she captioned with Walker’s “I’ll Kill You.” She also posted a link to her OnlyFans page, which may have led to her posting an explicit video of herself and the actor.

In conclusion, Powell’s history of drama and Lil Meech’s apparent closeness to her has caused concern among fans of Lil Meech and Walker. Despite this, Walker appears to be happy and unbothered by the online commotion.

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