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Georgia Harrison Sextape Video

Stephen Bear, a reality TV competitor, was sentenced to 21 months in prison for distributing a private video of him having sex with his ex-partner.

Bear, 33, released Surveillance footage of himself with Love Island actress Georgia Harrison to OnlyFans.

He had caused her “severe humiliation and embarrassment,” according to the judge.

Ms Harrison described her life as “absolutely horrible” since 2020.

“Today’s sentence vindicates what I’ve been through and gives a strong message that the police and courts take this problem extremely seriously,” she said outside Chelmsford Crown Court.

“I want to let all other victims of this crime know that I stand in solidarity with them and I have absolutely no regrets about waiving my anonymity.

“I hope this deters others from committing such crimes, and I hope it provides some justice to those who have been victims.”

In December, Bear was convicted guilty of voyeurism and exposing private, explicit images and films.

Stephen Bear’s incarceration “sends a clear message.”
Before his sentencing, he took a selfie outside the courthouse and began singing Lady in Red to a reporter dressed in a red coat.

As he was carried down to the cells, he waved from the secure dock and said: “Have a pleasant evening. Everyone have a wonderful weekend.”

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) claimed he had displayed a “total lack of remorse”.

Bear was issued a five-year restraining order not to contact Ms Harrison, who has been on The Only Way Is Essex and Olivia Meets Her Mate.

He was also ordered to sign the sex offenders register and will face notification obligations for the next ten years.

Prosecutor Jacqueline Carey KC testified at an earlier trial that Ms Harrison and Bear had consensual sex at his home in Loughton, Essex, but Ms Harrison had no idea it was being videotaped.

When Ms Harrison saw the tape, she urged Bear “never to send” it to anyone and “made it clear how furious she would be if he did,” according to the prosecutor.

The victim claimed she witnessed Bear send the tape to someone on WhatsApp later that day, and she learned it was circulating online later that year.

Ms Carey stated that Bear “either uploaded or had it uploaded to OnlyFans and gained monetarily” from the footage.

Judge Christopher Morgan, sentencing, said the disgraced reality TV celebrity “wished to exploit the commercial worth of the recording”, as Ms Harrison “would have been known and identified by many people”.

“I want to commend Georgia Harrison for the bravery and dedication she has showed throughout this case,” Hannah von Dadelszen, deputy head crown prosecutor for CPS East of England, said following the hearing.

“By contrast, Stephen Bear demonstrated a complete lack of remorse by refusing to accept responsibility for his violent behaviour, even going so far as to blame Ms Harrison.

“Despite the fact that she lives in public, Georgia Harrison has the right to privacy.
“But Bear took that away in order to make money in the most atrocious way.

Det Con Brian Sitch of Essex Police, who hailed Ms Harrison for her “immense bravery and patience,” shared her sentiments.

“This young woman appeared in front of strangers in a courtroom and went over the most personal facts of her private life,” he added.

“She had to sit down with her family and explain that this footage had been exposed.

“This was all because Stephen Bear believed he could secretly video his former partner and get away with heinous actions.”

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Georgia Harrison Sextape Video
Georgia Harrison Sextape Video
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