IBM CEO Arvind Krishna’s Leaked Video Reveals Controversial Hiring Practices

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Orignal Leaked Video

In a leaked video, IBM’s CEO Arvind Krishna faces criticism for allegedly pressuring executives to implement controversial hiring practices. The video, shared by journalist James O’Keefe, uncovered Krishna’s directives within the company.

What Happened

During an internal meeting attended by IBM’s Red Hat unit’s Chairman Paul Cormier and Corporate Communications Director Allison Showalter, Krishna stated that executives failing to hire sufficient Black or Hispanic candidates or employing excessive numbers of Asians would lose their bonuses. This revelation sparked immediate controversy.

Cormier mentioned the departure of several Red Hat leaders who failed to comply with the company’s “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) standards, as set by IBM.

Krishna’s statement during the meeting emphasized the need to advance both underrepresented groups and gender representation by a percentage point, linking these improvements directly to executives’ bonuses. Non-compliance would result in a penalty affecting their bonuses.

O’Keefe highlighted that such directives potentially violate “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act,” which prohibits workplace discrimination based on race.

Reactions and Controversy:

The alleged double standards employed by IBM attracted widespread criticism. The company faced accusations of contradicting its public stance against discrimination, especially after pulling ads from a platform, X, citing a “zero tolerance for hate speech and discrimination.” This action fueled discussions on social media, notably drawing attention from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Orignal Leaked Video
IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Orignal Leaked Video Image source: CNN

Musk, who himself faced controversy over an anti-Semitic post on a platform he endorsed, criticized IBM’s actions, calling attention to the irony of the situation.

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It’s noteworthy that Musk’s own company, SpaceX, faced legal action earlier this year from the Department of Justice for alleged discrimination against asylees and refugees in its hiring practices.

Why It Matters:

The leaked video and ensuing discussions shed light on the challenges and controversies surrounding diversity and inclusion policies within major corporations. The contrasting actions of companies in public statements versus internal practices have sparked significant debate in social and professional circles.


The incident involving IBM’s CEO has sparked conversations regarding the ethical dimensions of diversity initiatives within corporations, raising questions about consistency in corporate policies and their practical implementation.

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