Ivana Alawi’s Viral Video: The Stirring Kissing Scene Controversy

Ivana Alawi Viral Video And Kissing Scene

Filipino multi-talent Ivana Alawi, celebrated for her diverse roles in acting, modeling, and captivating YouTube content, has recently caused a stir online with a viral video featuring a particularly intriguing kissing scene.

In the widely discussed series “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo,” attention has focused on the intense kissing moment shared between actors Coco Martin and Ivana Alawi. Interestingly, this on-screen kiss has overshadowed a previous viral lip-lock between Julia Montes and Alden Richards.

This particular scene has become a hot topic among devoted viewers, sparking playful debates about whether Coco and Ivana’s on-screen chemistry could outshine the intensity of the former on-screen duo.

The heated topic has even reached the airwaves of “Cristy Ferminute,” hosted by Nanay Cristy Fermin and Romel Chika. Discussions on the show delved into defending the professional nature of Coco and Julia’s performance, emphasizing that such scenes are simply part of their craft, dismissing any need for jealousy or controversy.

Amid high expectations for the imminent kissing scene, the series has captured significant attention, chiefly owing to its enthralling 5-minute trailer unveiled just last week, amassing over 10 million views.

Ivana Alawi's Viral Video
Ivana Alawi’s Viral Video: The Stirring Kissing Scene Controversy  (Image Source: ABS-CBN News

The show achieved an extraordinary milestone, registering a staggering viewership of 478,297 live concurrent spectators on Kapamilya Online Live’s YouTube channel, further intensifying the fervor surrounding it.

Audiences are eagerly anticipating the forthcoming episodes, particularly the heated kissing scene featuring Tanggol, portrayed by Coco, and Bubbles, portrayed by Ivana.

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The on-screen chemistry between these two characters has notably stood out in the series, much like the previous kissing moment involving Coco and Lovi Poe, who portrayed Mokang.

Ivana Alawi Scandal

Ivana Alawi, a notable personality within the Philippine entertainment sphere, has faced her fair share of controversies, including the infamous Ivana Alawi Scandal.

This scandal erupted due to a leaked video that garnered significant traction across various social media platforms, particularly gaining momentum on Reddit and Twitter.

Renowned for her multifaceted career as an actress, model, and YouTuber, Ivana boasts a substantial and dedicated fan base, attributing her success to her remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry.

Nonetheless, her professional journey was marred by the Ivana Alawi Scandal, which originated from a leaked video that swiftly circulated across social media networks.

Ivana Alawi's Viral Kissing Scene
Ivana Alawi’s Viral Kissing Scene

This scandal gained widespread attention in May 2020 when a falsified video purportedly featuring her gained viral status online.

Unauthorized platforms took advantage of her name by disseminating the manipulated video, leveraging her popularity to amplify their content’s visibility and engagement.

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Amid the scrutiny following the release of a contentious video, Ivana Alawi found herself embroiled in yet another controversy back in September 2019. Social media platforms buzzed with conjectures insinuating that Alawi could be hired for a substantial fee.

The circulating rumors alleged a steep price tag for a two-hour rental of her services.

Alawi vehemently rebutted these baseless claims during her appearance on “Sino Ang May Sala? Mea Culpa.” She explicitly clarified that the accusations depicting her involvement in escort services were unfounded.

The scandal surrounding Ivana, featuring a leaked video and subsequent unfounded allegations, caused a significant upheaval in the realms of social media and digital entertainment.

Despite the controversies, Ivana Alawi maintains her influential standing as a prominent figure within the Philippine entertainment industry.

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