Watch Melissa Paredes Leak Viral Video

Melissa Paredes is a prominent Peruvian model and actress who has been in telenovelas including Is He My Girlfriend, Dos Hermanas, and Ojitos Hechiceros.

She also has a sizable social media following.

A Melissa video that just went viral caused criticism online.

She spoke about her romance with Anthony Aranda and her tough divorce from Rodrigo Cuba in the video.

The original argument between the two was over Melissa’s friendship with Aranda, which was meant to keep her safe, and started in October 2021.

Since then, the emphasis of their argument has changed to concern the custody of their youngest kid, which is presently being looked at for potential effects on their character.

Concern over the child’s media exposure has arisen, opening the door to potential changes in legal custody.

Video of Melissa Paredes

On June 13, Rodrigo Cuba reported Melissa to the police, accusing her of extortion and blackmail, and that is when things really got out of hand.

In response, Melissa claimed that Rodrigo had altered her daughter’s perception of receiving payment for sex.

Cuba claimed that Melissa made him comply with her demands.

Their daughter’s filmed statement, which Melissa intends to submit as evidence, forms the foundation for Melissa’s charges, she says.

When a small kid reaches a specific stage of cognitive development, it is known as “indemnity” in law. For instance, a toddler learns not to touch a socket since they are aware that doing so might be hazardous.

Carla Viso, an attorney, was invited by Magaly Medina to speak about the difficulties of the circumstances.

On the basis of the severe charges made by Ms. Paredes and the involvement of the Women’s and Vulnerable People’s Ministries (“MIMP”), the Public Ministry opened an inquiry into Rodrigo Cuba.

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Ms. Paredes is charged with “r*pe”—a felony against a child.

Former Minister Rosario Sato and Ms. Ana Jara responded to the charges by expressing their concern for the victim’s privacy and the necessity of the inquiry.

Ms. Jara also expressed sorrow about Ms. Melissa’s failure to file a criminal complaint according to the correct channels.

In the event that a crime is committed against a kid, she continued, it is crucial for parents and guardians to follow the correct processes.

Watch Melissa Paredes Leak Viral Video

Watch Melissa Paredes Leak Viral Video
Watch Melissa Paredes Leak Viral Video

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