Mira View Chin Amirah Aqilah Tangga Firdaus Viral Video on Twitter

A video of Mira, Chin, Amirah, Aqilah, and Tangga Firdaus has gone viral on Twitter. The video shows the group of friends having a fun time while singing and dancing together. It has garnered thousands of likes and retweets, with many users expressing their admiration for the group’s energy and friendship.

The video was first posted on Twitter by Mira, who wrote in the caption, “Just having a good time with my friends.” It quickly caught the attention of other users on the platform, with many commenting on how much they loved the group’s vibe.

Chin, one of the members of the group, said in an interview that they were surprised by the reaction to the video. “We were just having fun and didn’t think it would blow up like this,” she said. “It’s really amazing to see so many people enjoying our video.”

The group, who are all students at a local university, said that they have been friends for several years and love to spend time together. “We all have different interests and backgrounds, but we really click as a group,” said Aqilah. “We love to sing and dance, and we’re always looking for new ways to have fun together.”

Mira View Chin Amirah Aqilah Tangga Firdaus Viral Video

Despite the sudden surge in attention, the group says they are staying grounded and focused on their studies. “We’re all really busy with school right now, so we’re just trying to balance everything,” said Tangga Firdaus. “But we’re grateful for the support and love we’ve received from everyone.”

The group has also been approached by several companies and brands for sponsorship deals, but they say they are being careful about who they choose to work with. “We want to make sure that any brand we work with aligns with our values and who we are as a group,” said Amirah.

As for their future plans, the group says they are open to new opportunities but are primarily focused on their studies at the moment. “We’re all studying different things, but we’re all passionate about what we’re doing,” said Mira. “We want to make the most of our time in university and see where that takes us.”

In conclusion, the viral video of Mira, Chin, Amirah, Aqilah, and Tangga Firdaus on Twitter has garnered a lot of attention for the group of friends. While they are still adjusting to their newfound fame, they remain focused on their studies and are being careful about the brands they choose to work with. With their talent and positive energy, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this group of friends.

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