Molly Awele Leak: The Nigerian Tiktoker Caught On Snapchat Showing Off Her Genitals

Since her pirated video appeared online, popular Nigerian TikToker Molly Awele has been trending on social media.

Social media users have expressed their dismay at what has occurred, which has created a lot of discussion and controversy.

Many believe Molly posted the video herself to get viewers’ attention on social media, similar to Esther Raphael’s leak. Some people have made the similar claim that her lover leaked it.

The Nigerian tik toker, however, has not yet commented on the viral video. Her TikTok account has since been private.

Netizens’ views were conflicted as news of Molly Awele’s breach spread online.

Someone said, “I just dey laugh make my own no come.” One more person said, “Some of us worse pass them low key na because nobody to cast us.”

Molly Awele Leak
Molly Awele Leak

Someone else said, “Molly’s own is too much.” Someone said, “Buba girl own na mistake but Molly own na like 9 vid I get.”

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