Taiwanese rapper Nana Liang Sex Tape Video Leaked (Watch Full Video Here)

Being a celebrity takes a lot of courage. Celebrities must be mindful of their activities since they are continuously scrutinized by the media and netizens. One wrong gesture can quickly go viral. And, with today’s technology, netizens are always up to date and fast to notice everything relating to celebrities, regardless of its connotation.

Nana Liang (), a Taiwanese musician, was recently thrust into the spotlight after her private sex tape was leaked. She admitted to being the girl in the sex video and asked netizens to stop distributing it online.

The Taiwanese artist changed her Instagram profile photo to all black on April 18, 2023, revealing that she was the female in the sex video. She stated that the video was shot a few years ago and that she had no idea why it is being leaked now. Nana was deeply offended by this and responded with a brief remark (which she later deleted).

Taiwanese rapper Nana Liang Sex Tape Video
Taiwanese rapper Nana Liang Sex Tape Video

“I never thought something like this will happen to me, but it did happen. I really want to escape from everything, I originally did not want to respond whatsoever, I’m really scared. But I told myself that I need to face it with courage because I have people whom I love deeply and want to protect. I’m really hurt, imagine how hard it is for my boyfriend to take in all this. This video happened years ago, I have no idea why it’s leaked. All I can do now is to plead for everyone to stop spreading it. This is everything I can master up at the moment. At the same time, I will take legal actions, please stop circulating (the video).”

The beauty’s former, King Kong Lee (Lee Hsin Chiao, ) and current lover both came out about the situation. King Kong stated on his Instagram stories that the man in the sex video is not him. He then posted another Instagram story with a middle finger and the comment, “F*cking h#ll, is it that hard to just live your own life?” Stop including me in everything! And I, repeat, DO NOT have this fixation! If you keep doing this, I’ll have to shave everything! “Enough already, okay?”

Nana Liang’s current boyfriend, who is not from the entertainment industry, altered his profile photo to match his girlfriend’s and afterwards posted on his Instagram Story to offer his support.  “Sometimes you just want to live your life, but it really is that hard.”

The male in the sex video is rumored to be a married man, the son of a wealthy family. According to Mirror Media, the male lead’s friend disclosed that he lives in another country and returned to Taiwan for the New Year. He’s a ladies’ man who is known for frequently hooking up. That friend also said that the sex tape was not shot “a couple of years ago” as Nana claimed.

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