Odia Actress Sheetal Patra Leaked MMS Video

29 July, Bhubaneswar: Actress Sheetal Patra from Odisha has accused director Dayanidhi Dahima of harassing her. Patra said on social media that Dahima had harassed and abused her at her college in front of other students, tore her uniform, and grabbed her. Additionally, she claimed that he utilized libelous social media posts to harm her reputation and appearance.

Patra claimed that she had kept quiet about the incident for many years out of concern for the repercussions. She made the decision to speak up now though because she was tired of being afraid. She exhorted other mistreated women to come out and report their assailants.

The accusations have been refuted by Dahimi, who has called them “baseless” and “malicious.” He declared that he will file a lawsuit against Patra for defamation.

The Laxmisagar police have opened an investigation and filed a case.

In a related development, Patra has also complained about Dahima to the National Commission for Women (NCW). The Laxmisagar police have been directed to produce a report after the NCW took notice of the allegation.

Outrage on social media has been generated by the charges against Dahima. Patra has received a lot of support, and many people are calling for Dahima to be prosecuted.

An actress from Odia has previously been charged with harassment. Actress Archita Sahu charged director Niraj Mishra with sexual harassment in 2018. After being detained, Mishra was eventually freed on bail.

The accusations made against Dahima and Mishra serve as a reminder of how common sexual harassment is in the Odia film business. It is crucial that these accusations receive a thorough investigation and that the offenders are prosecuted.

Patra should be applauded for having the guts to confront her assailant. She has demonstrated that women will not be intimidated and will not put up with harassment. Women who have experienced abuse should take heart from her narrative.

Watch Sheetal Patra Leaked MMS Video

Watch Sheetal Patra Leaked MMS Video
Watch Sheetal Patra Leaked MMS Video

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