Full Video: Popo Viral Video With Statue Leaked

Full Video: Popo Leaked Statue Viral Video
On Twitter and Reddit, a Popo viral video with a statue was leaked (see the full video).

The viral Popo statue (mannequin) video’s re-circulation on Twitter stunned internet users once more. Curious online users are also looking for the download link for the 21-second Popo video that has gone viral on Twitter. The TikTok sensation Popo Barbie has been detained by authorities, according to the most recent news.

Jambi, a TikTok sensation from Kerinci, is currently stirring up trouble once more. Popo is seen engaging in immoral behavior in the Twitter-famous video. This balding man is seen grasping his genitalia in front of a half-body figure or mannequin.

Popo appeared to be mannequin [email protected]@ting in front of it. Additionally, he was observed kissing and petting the statue of a mannequin, which is typically used in stores to display clothing.

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Popo performed the action while still clutching his genitalia. Whereas in the video, Popo is no longer wearing pants and is simply sporting a green shirt.

The statue’s popular Popo video has now made its way from Twitter to TikTok. The length of the widely shared viral Popo statue video ranges from 12 to 21 seconds. On Sunday, July 2, 2023, Popo’s name was in reality a hot topic on Twitter.

The cops responded right away to the viral Popo statue video’s distribution. On July 1st, 2023, the Kerinci Police stepped in right away to secure Popo Barbie. Due to the popularity of the Popo statue viral video on Twitter and TikTok, this TikTok celebrity was detained for allegedly disturbing the public.

This is evident in the image of Popo sitting next to a mannequin statue in front of many uniformed police officers that is currently trending on Twitter @kegblgunfaedh. Popo was spotted sporting a black cap and a brown shirt.

On TikTok, there are also pictures and videos of the police securing Popo and the statue of the mannequin. Additionally, AKP Edi Mardi of the Kasatreskrim Kerinci Police acknowledged that his party had successfully acquired Popo Barbie’s TikTok celebrity.

AKP Popo is currently receiving an evaluation, according to Edi Mardi. It found out that Popo clarified the viral statue video on his own TikTok account @popobarbiegirl before being detained by the authorities. In the video, Popo expresses regret and offers clarification surrounding the spread of the Popo statue viral video.

Watch Popo Viral Video

Watch Popo Viral Video
Watch Popo Viral Video
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