Qtcinderella AI Video Leak: The Twitch Streamer’s Harrowing Experience

Twitch, the popular streaming platform, has seen its fair share of controversies over the years, but none as disturbing as the recent video leak involving Qtcinderella. In this article, we delve into the details of the incident and bring you the latest updates on Qtcinderella’s reaction and plans for the future.

What is the Qtcinderella AI Video Leak?

The leaked video of Qtcinderella is a deepfake video that was uploaded to several 18+ websites, including Telegram. This video contained explicit content and was created using AI technology to morph Qtcinderella’s face onto the body of someone else. The video was widely shared on social media sites such as Reddit, Tiktok, and Twitter, causing immense distress to Qtcinderella and her team.

Qtcinderella AI Video Leak
Qtcinderella AI Video Leak

Why was Qtcinderella Targeted?

According to sources, Qtcinderella was not the only victim of this exploitation. Her team members, including well-known streamers such as Sweet Anita, Maya Higa, Pokimane, and Maya Higa, were also targeted by the same deepfake website. This website contains only mature content and is meant for a specific audience.

The Incident with Atrioc

The video first came to light when Atrioc, a popular Twitch streamer, was caught red-handed with the clips. He claimed that he had placed an advertisement for the video on the site and even paid for it. After realizing the gravity of his actions, Atrioc apologized and claimed that he felt guilty.

Qtcinderella’s Response to the Incident

Qtcinderella was live on Twitch after Atrioc’s apology, where she expressed her emotions and condemned his mistake. She claimed that he was responsible for highlighting the video to thousands of users and that she was being harassed by her fans because of it. In her live stream, she revealed that her friends were also sending her explicit photos and videos on her account and that they were harassing her and her friends.

Qtcinderella’s Plans for the Future

In light of the recent events, Qtcinderella promised to sue the owner of the deepfake website and stated that she would not let him go at any cost. She expressed her determination to fight against this unacceptable act and to protect herself and her team from further exploitation.


The Qtcinderella AI video leak is a disturbing reminder of the dangers of AI technology and the consequences of sharing explicit content online. We stand in solidarity with Qtcinderella and her team and support their efforts to seek justice for this heinous act. It’s important to remember that behind every online persona, there is a real person with feelings and emotions. We must respect their privacy and dignity at all times.

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