Rapper AKA Died at the age of 35 | Remembering the Life and Legacy of Rapper AKA

The city of Durban was rocked by tragedy on Friday night, as reports emerged of a deadly drive-by shooting involving renowned rapper Kiernan Forbes, better known as “AKA.” Confirming the devastating news, sources within the Durban police force divulged that the highly acclaimed artist was fatally struck in the attack.

Additionally, a man believed to be AKA’s personal bodyguard was also injured in the barrage of bullets, while another individual – said to be a close confidant of the rapper – was reportedly killed on the scene. The senseless violence has sent shockwaves throughout the community and has left many grappling with the harsh reality that even talent and success cannot protect one from the dangers that lurk in the streets.

As per iol report, South Africa is mourning the death of acclaimed rapper AKA. Kiernan Forbes, better known as his stage name, was born on January 28, 1988 in the Cape Town metropolitan area and rose to prominence as one of the country’s most prominent and inventive rappers. His contribution to the local music scene was immeasurable, and his death has left a hole in the hearts of his devoted fans and fellow musicians.

AKA quickly became a cultural icon in South Africa thanks to his distinct style, clever lyrics, and magnetic stage presence. He released several critically acclaimed albums and received numerous awards throughout his career, including multiple South African Music Awards, BET Awards, and Channel O Music Video Awards. He was also known for his collaborations with other musicians such as Da L.E.S, Anatii, and Burna Boy, as well as his contributions to South Africa’s thriving hip-hop scene.

AKA’s Philanthropy and Activism

Even with his renowned status, AKA steadfastly maintained a deep-seated dedication to his artistry and effecting change for the betterment of society. He was venerated for his altruistic endeavors and advocacy, leveraging his platform to shed light on crucial societal and political matters that required attention.

Rapper AKA Died at the age of 35
Rapper AKA Died at the age of 35

Celebrating AKA’s Life and Legacy

The news of AKA’s passing has sent a shockwave throughout the South African music industry, leaving fans grappling with the heartrending reality of his departure. Yet, amidst their mourning, they are paying tribute to the life and impact of one of their nation’s most skilled and impactful musicians. In commemoration of AKA, we’ve curated a selection of his most notable tracks and live performances, exemplifying his lasting impact on South African music and cultural heritage.

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AKA’s Timeless Anthems

“All Eyes on Me”


“Dreamwork” featuring Yanga Chief

“Victory Lap” featuring K.O.

“Baddest” featuring Burna Boy

“The World is Yours”

“Run Jozi (Godly)” “Congratulate” featuring Da L.E.S.

AKA’s Indelible On-Stage Moments

“All Eyes on Me” – South African Music Awards, 2015

“Jealousy” – BET Awards 2016

“Dreamwork” – Channel O Music Video Awards, 2017

“Victory Lap” – South African Hip Hop Awards, 2018


South Africa has lost a true musical icon with the passing of AKA, and his legacy will continue to inspire and influence generations of musicians to come. We offer our sincerest condolences to his family, friends, and fans and stand with them in remembering the life and music of this truly remarkable artist.

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