Rapper Sexyy Red Sex Tape Leaks on Her Instagram Account

Who is Sexyy Red?

Janae Nierah Wherry, known in the music world as Sexyy Red, is an American rapper who emerged on the scene with an electrifying online presence in 2018. It all began when she put her unique spin on Vanessa Carlton‘s “A Thousand Miles,” creating the memorable track “Ah Thousand Jugs.”

In 2022, Sexyy Red joined forces with Summer Walker, collaborating on the thought-provoking music video “Sense Dat God Gave You.” However, it was her breakthrough single, “Pound Town,” in January 2023, a collaboration with producer Tay Keith, that propelled her into the limelight. The song gained such traction that it inspired a remix featuring none other than the legendary Nicki Minaj, aptly titled “Pound Town 2,” securing her first appearance on the prestigious US Billboard Hot 100 chart. This was only the beginning, as her follow-up single, “SkeeYee,” achieved similar acclaim. Both tracks found their home on her second mixtape, “Hood Hottest Princess,” released in 2023.

In the same year, Wherry showcased her versatility by featuring on official remixes of notable tracks such as DaBaby’s “Shake Sumn,” NLE Choppa’s “Slut Me Out,” and Young Nudy’s “Peaches & Eggplants,” alongside rapper Latto. Her star power continued to shine brightly when she was featured on Drake’s single, “Rich Baby Daddy,” alongside the talented SZA, a collaboration that reached an impressive number 11 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Sexyy Red Sex Tape Leaks on Her Instagram Account
Sexyy Red Sex Tape Leaks on Her Instagram Account

With her meteoric rise, Billboard recognized her as “one of the biggest breakout artists of summer 2023.” This wave of success earned her a well-deserved nomination for “Best Breakthrough Hip-Hop Artist” at the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards. Sexyy Red’s public image, her lyrical prowess, and her magnetic media presence have all been characterized as unabashedly bold, exuberantly confident, and sensationally risqué.

Sexyy Red Sex Tape

As per Leadership Report, Sexyy Red, the well-known rapper, recently expressed her deep distress after a private video of her was shared without her consent on the internet.

This unfortunate incident involved the circulation of explicit content on social media, featuring the singer renowned as the ‘Hood Hottest Princess’ and an unidentified individual.

Full Video: Singer Sexyy Red Leak Bedroom Video On Instagram

To the shock of many, the explicit video initially surfaced on the musician’s Instagram Story, leaving her 2.3 million followers bewildered, with some speculating that it may have been an inadvertent upload.

Sexyy Red Sex Tape
Sexyy Red Sex Tape

After the leak incident, Sexyy Red addressed the situation on X (formerly known as Twitter) to emphatically disavow any responsibility.

The rapper, who goes by her birth name, Janae Nierah Wherry, expressed her dismay, saying, “I’m so heartbroken. Anyone who knows me is aware that I wouldn’t engage in any foolish behavior like that.”

Notwithstanding the removal of the video, the online community hasn’t held back in voicing their disapproval of the 25-year-old rapper and her recent entanglement with former President Donald Trump.

One particularly harsh tweet didn’t mince words: “Sexyy Red tried to shake off those Trump supporter allegations real quick!”

This backlash ensued after the ‘Poundtown’ artist openly expressed her support for the controversial political figure during a podcast appearance.

Appearing on the This Past Weekend podcast, the musician defended her stance, citing the stimulus checks distributed to US citizens during the pandemic. She didn’t hold back, saying, “I like Trump,” and went on to explain, “Yeah, they support him in the hood.”

Sexyy Red further elucidated how her perception of the former president had evolved over time, stating her desire to see him return to the White House.

She added, “At first, I don’t think people were on his side. They thought he was racist, saying questionable things, and against women. But once he started releasing Black people from jail and handing out that free money, well, we started loving Trump. We need him back in office.”

Concluding with a nod to Trump’s humor, she expressed, “We need people like him.”

As she prepares for her inaugural headline tour, the “Hood Hottest Princess Tour,” Sexyy Red is poised to take the stage in major cities including Nashville, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Commencing in Boston, the tour is set to run through December.

UNILAD has reached out to Sexyy Red’s representatives for comments on the situation.


Wherry, the rapper we’ve come to know as Red had her moniker take shape during her middle school days. Back then, her friends affectionately dubbed her “Red” due to her penchant for flaunting fiery red hair and donning red attire. However, the stage name we now recognize her by, “Sexyy Red,” came into existence when her rap journey began.

Sexyy Red make money leaking her sex tape
Sexyy Red make money leaking her sex tape

Reflecting on the origins of her stage name, Red revealed in an interview with Complex in May 2023 that she faced a dilemma when she initially stepped into the world of rap. She wasn’t sure what alias to adopt. It was a pivotal moment when her cameraman proposed, “What about Sexyy Red? You’re sexy, and your name’s Red.” This suggestion resonated with her, and she decided, “Okay, I like that.” While there were alternative suggestions initially, the fusion of “Sexyy” and “Red” ultimately felt like the perfect fit, and the rest is history.

where is sexy red from?

Sexyy Red is from St. Louis, Missouri.

How old is sexxy red?

Sexyy Red was born on April 15, 1998, so she is currently 25 years old.

What is sexy red real name?

Sexyy Red’s real name is Janae Nierah Wherry.

Who is sexy red baby daddy?

The identity of Sexyy Red’s baby daddy is not publicly known, as she has not disclosed that information.

do sexy red have kids?

Sexyy Red is expecting her second child!

The beloved rapper shared the exciting news on social media during the weekend, capturing the special moment backstage with SZA. Both artists posed for a photo, as detailed by Complex.

“Team boy or team girl,” she tweeted.

How much is sexy red worth?

Known by her birth name, Janae Wherry, Sexyy Red has been a presence in the YouTube rap scene since 2018. However, her recent surge in popularity can be largely attributed to her hit single, “Pound Town.” This track has experienced a viral breakthrough, emerging as her standout success on Spotify.

Despite her rising star, given her relatively early stage in her career, her current net worth is estimated at approximately $400,000. It’s worth noting that this figure is expected to see significant growth if she maintains her momentum in producing more chart-topping tracks.

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