Spenzo Beat Up Video – Rapper Spenzo Kidnapped Video (Watch Full Video)

Spenzo Beat Up Video – Rapper Spenzo Kidnapped Video (Watch Full Video)

Rapper Spenzo Kidnapped Video; Spenzo Beat Up Video; There’s a viral video of rapper Spenzo being beaten and kidnapped that’s been circulating on Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

A video of Spenzo being beaten up on a live stream depicts the weekend kidnapping and assault by a gang of thugs.

In Chicago, rapper Spenzo is well-known. Surprisingly, the thugs decided to live-stream the entire incident on Instagram.

It is believed that Spenzo’s insulting remarks about a deceased opponent sparked the incident.

Then, after being approached in his direct messages by the father of the murdered gang member, Spenzo threatened the man.

According to social media reports, the father and a few of his friends ambushed Spenzo with weapons after catching him off guard.

They dragged him into the back seat of their car, beat him, and stripped him naked. The entire incident was broadcast live for everyone to see.

Unfortunately, no one has seen or heard from Spenzo since the incident.

As a result of this upsetting incident, several of the rapper’s fans and supporters are concerned for his safety and well-being.

Rapper Spenzo Kidnapped Video

Here you can watch Rapper Spenzo Kidnapped Video.

Rapper Spenzo Kidnapped Video
Rapper Spenzo Kidnapped Video
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