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Susan Alexandra “Sigourney” Weaver is an American entertainer. Weaver is viewed as a pioneer of activity courageous women in sci-fi films. She is referred to for her function as Ellen Ripley in the Alien establishment, which acquired her an Academy Award designation in 1986, and is frequently viewed as one of the main female heroes in film history.

Sigourney teenage photo
Susan Alexandra Weaver Childhood

Born Name

Susan Alexandra Weaver

Nick Name

Sigourney, The Actress’s Actress, The Sci-Fi Queen

Sigourney Weaver Age



 October 08, 1949

Sigourney weaver
Susan Alexandra Weaver in December 2009

Zodiac  Sign


Born Place

Manhattan, New York, United States


Santa Barbara, California, United States

Sigourney weaver house
Susan Alexandra Weaver’s House


Ethel Walker School, The Chapin School and The Brearley School.

College: Sarah Lawrence College , Stanford University , Yale University School of Drama 



Sigourney and her husband
Susan Alexandra Weaver with her Husband

Sigourney Weaver Family

Father – Sylvester “Pat” Weaver

Mother – Elizabeth Inglis

Siblings – None

Sigourney family
Susan Alexandra Weaver with Family

Others – Doodles Weaver (Uncle)

Sigourney with Doodles weaver
Susan Alexandra Weaver with her Father

Sigourney Weaver Physical Appearance

Body: Slim

Height: 5 ft 11¾

Weight: 62 kg

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Light Brown

Distinctive Features

Tall height, Deep husky voice

Shoe Size: 10 (US) , 40.5 (EU) , 7.5 (UK)

Susan Alexandra Weaver with her Daughter

Boyfriend / Spouse

Aaron Latham ,

James McClure ,

Jim Simpson

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Susan Alexandra Weaver with Jim Simpson
images 1
Susan Alexandra Weaver with Mel Gibson

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Sigourney Weaver Race / Ethnicity


She has English ancestry on her mother’s side and English, Scottish, Scots-Irish, and Dutch ancestry on her father’s side.

Brand Endorsements

She has endorsed and done commercials for several brands like –

  1. John Hancock Insurance Company
  2. Campbell’s Soup
  3. Pepsi
  4. The Nature Conservancy
  5. DirecTV

Sigourney Weaver Best Known For

Playing the role of Ellen Ripley in the Alien franchise

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Susan Alexandra Weaver in Alien Franchise

First Film

 Annie Hall in the year 1977 opposite Woody Allen.

Susan Alexandra Weaver in Annie Hall

First TV Show: Somerset 

Sigourney Weaver Career

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Susan Alexandra Weaver in The Ice Strom

Susan Alexandra “Sigourney Weaver” Weaver is primarily an American actress. She is known to be one of the pioneering female science fiction movie actresses of the late 20th century. She has achieved her acting career with some notable roles in movies such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “Chutes and Ladders”, and “Laguna Beach”.

These films helped to establish Weaver as a name within the genre of science fiction and gave her the experience and understanding of alien races that would later be incorporated into her feature filmography. Her association with sci-fi and movies, in particular, would continue to feature notable characters including Annalee Banks, Ripley, and Jodelle Ferreira.

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Susan Alexandra Weaver in Working Girl (1988)

Following a period of professional success in Hollywood, she would decide to take on a more character-oriented role in “Catherine” (a part which she originally auditioned for). This would help to define her career at the time. Following the performance, Weaver would also star alongside Steve McQueen in the award-winning “hateful Eyes”.

Following these roles, Weaver decided to concentrate on smaller roles, before moving to the world of theater. “Manicured Heart” would feature Weaver in a different type of role, before being offered a leading role in the feature film adaptation of “Romeo And Juliet” in which she would again play the role of Cleopatra.

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Susan Alexandra Weaver in Galaxy Quest(1999)

Following the success of her Broadway appearances, “Manicured Heart” was not only a box office hit but an Academy Award winner for Best Picture, making Weaver one of the most successful actors of the late 20th century.

Following the success of “Manicured Heart” and several similar successes, Weaver decided to focus on more sci-fi and fantasy films instead. Although this trend would leave her without any big blockbuster hits, it did mark the beginning of her prolific career. In addition to “Aliens”, “Contact”, and “Men in Black”, Weaver also enjoyed success in “Rebecca” and “E.T.”

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After making several less popular films, Weaver decided that her time had come for a major role in a Hollywood blockbuster. “Clear Shot” would be her last major role, before her untimely death from lung cancer in 1980.

Despite her death, the “Clear Shot” role has been used as the basis for some of her later films including “Sense Of Doubt” and “Point Break.”

Following the death of her first child, Weaver concentrated on raising her daughter, with whom she appeared in “Cable Guy.” Following the success of “Cable Guy,” Weaver appeared in her first psychological thriller “The Rage Of Angels.”

Sigourney Weaver Movies List

1977       Annie Hall           

1978       Madman             

1979       Alien     

1981       Eyewitness        

1982       The Year of Living Dangerously 

1983       Deal of the Century       

1984       Ghostbusters   

1985       One Woman or Two      

1986       Half Moon Street            

1986       Aliens   

1988       Gorillas in the Mist         

1988       Working Girl      

1989       Ghostbusters

1992       Alien 3 

1992       1492: Conquest of Paradise        

1993       Dave     

1994       The Wild Swans                Narrator              

1994       Death and the Maiden 

1995       Copycat               

1995       Jeffrey  Debra

1997       The Ice Storm   

1997       Alien Resurrection          

1999       A Map of the World       

1999       Galaxy Quest    

2000       Company Man 

2001       Heartbreakers  

2002       Tadpole                Eve

2002       The Guys            

2003       Holes    

2004       Imaginary Heroes           

2004       The Village         

2006       Snow Cake         

2006       The TV Set         

2006       Infamous            

2007       Happily N’Ever After      

2007       The Girl in the Park         

2008       Vantage Point  

2008       Be Kind Rewind               

2008       Baby Mama       

2008       WALL•E               

2008       The Tale of Despereaux                Narrator              

2009       Avatar  

2010       Crazy on the Outside     

2010       You Again           

2011       Cedar Rapids     

2011       Paul      

2011       Abduction          

2011       Rampart              

2012       The Cabin in the Woods               

2012       Red Lights          

2012       The Cold Light of Day     

2012       Vamps 

2014       My Depression (The Up and Down and Up of It)               

2014       Exodus: Gods and Kings               

2015       Chappie              

2016       Finding Dory      

2016       Ghostbusters   

2016       A Monster Calls               

2016       The Assignment              

2017       The Meyerowitz]

2017       Rakka    Jasper  

2020       My Salinger Year             

With the success of these films and the release of “Rebecca” in theaters, Weaver decided to take a break from her acting career, but not before delivering three more films that would win awards at the Oscars. Following the success of “Rebecca,” Weaver decided to concentrate on writing. Her most successful novel would be “After Life,” which was turned into a film of the same name.

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Susan Alexandra Weaver in Somerset

Following her decision to focus on writing, Weaver began work on a television series entitled “Million Dollar Baby.” Although the show failed to gain a ratings boost, it did find an audience and enjoyed great popularity. “Million Dollar Baby” was one of the few shows on network television that offered multi-dimensional characters, with the lead character, Sterling, taking on many interesting personalities along the way.

This led to the creation of “The Stepford Wives” and “The Firm,” which followed in the footsteps of “Million Dollar Baby.” This series further established Weaver’s talent and earned her the lead role in “The Perfect Score” with Julia Ormond.

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