Tang Lu Murdered his ex-wife Lamu By setting Her on Fire in TikTok Live Stream Video on Twitter & Reddit.

tang lu

A few years back, an extremely traumatizing video gained the spotlight on the internet. The video showed a man murdering his ex-wife by burning her alive. The people unfortunate enough to view the video were paralyzed with shock and fear and were highly disturbed by the video, which made their blood run cold. This heart-wrenching video created chaos in the tech world, eventually gaining the attention of law experts, who started a short and fast investigation of the matter. The results showed that the person who burned his wife was a social media influencer.

Find below all the information on the influencer who burned his ex-wife.

tang lu

The social media influencer who streamed the video of him brutally murdering and burning down his ex-wife was named Tang Lu. Along with being a famous social media personality, he was also a celebrated tik-toker. On the 14th of September,2022, The creepy, terrifying video in which Tang Lu unhinged, or revealed his atrocious acts and intentions, where he set his ex-wife named Lamu on fire, was live streamed on the renowned video, content creating and sharing app, leaving its viewers terrified and panic-stricken. 

Lamu was live streaming from her father’s house in the kitchen when this horrific event occurred. As per the reports, Tang Lu barged into the house,  poured petrol all over her, and burned her alive. In addition,  research and previous reports tell us that Lamu filed for divorce after 11 years of marriage with Tang Lu in June 2020. Like the Chinese influencer Tang Lu,  Lamu was also a social media influencer on a Chinese app called Douyin, which is the Tik tok of China.

Even after the divorce, the influencer insisted on reviving the marriage with Lamu, but she rejected every time; this confession was made, and the statement was given by the Chinese social media influencer Tang Lu in court during a hearing, he stated said or mentioned above, that he broke into her father’s home, went on to pour petrol all over her and burned her alive. Lamu didn’t survive due to her fatal injuries because of being brutally burned, and she was 30 years old when her life was taken away from her by her vicious ex-husband Tang Lu.

tang lu

The court decided that Tang Lu deserved the harshest, excruciating punishment for his severe cruelness.

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It was revealed Later by Lamu’s sister that she (Lamu)was suffering domestic violence from Tang Lu, who used to abuse her, causing Lamu to decide to divorce him and leave him. 

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