Update Link Full Goncalo Ramos Football Player Leaked Private Video on Twitter

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Goncalo Ramos Football Player Leaked Private Video on Twitter

Goncalo Ramos haunts Man Utd with Portugal hat-trick after bargain deal handed up

Erik ten Haag could ruin Manchester United’s failure to sign Goncalo Ramos this summer as the star lights up the World Cup and becomes Portugal’s latest hero.

Goncalo Ramos Private Videos Viral

The Benfica striker scored a stunning hat-trick in a 5-1 defeat against Switzerland to reach the quarter-finals and heralded a future that would follow a global career after starting Cristiano Ronaldo.

His title win is likely to prompt a clamor for him from clubs en route to Europe, with United now regretting not making a fresh bid after recognizing their interest at the start of the summer.

Goncalo Ramos leaked online

Ramos made his first international appearance for Seleção after being called up to replace Ronaldo, who was sacked for Fernando Santos after failing to make a top-flight move to South Korea.

Ramos stole the ball locally from Diego Dalot to make it 3-0 and Rafael Guerreiro provided the assist to make up for the fourth goal. He scored a hat-trick with a quarter of the match left, and Ronaldo’s short-handed addition justified Santos’ preference for early starts over late substitutions.

It was a risk that Ramos relished, along with the fact that the Swiss defender was unable to contain his attacking power. First, as Pepe doubled the advantage, House was denied his superior grilling techniques and helped take the lead.

Goncalo Ramos leaked viral video on Twitter

Then it was time for Ramos to get back in front, making as many regional offers as possible from Diego Dalot to make it 3-0 and help Rafael Guerreiro bury the fourth. He completed his hat-trick with 1/4 of the game remaining, justifying Santos’ penchant for an early start over his late substitution, and Ronaldo added for a snap.

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