Watch Aiden Cicchetti Leaked Viral Video

Watch the Full Aiden Cicchetti Reddit Video – Aiden Ciccitti sexually attacked a youngster in Las Vegas, Nevada, while other spectators watched, laughed, and recorded the crime on their cell phones.

Aiden Cicchetti, 17, is accused of three counts of sexual assault. He was brought into custody in late March after the girl reported the incident to the police, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The defendant appeared last week before the Las Vegas Justice Court, where Department 13 Las Vegas Township Justice Court Rebecca Saxe granted him a personal recognizance bail, according to Clark County court documents seen by Law&Crime.

A no-contact order was given in this case. The defendant was also instructed to “stay out of trouble,” according to the court docket.

According to the arrest report that the Review-Journal was able to obtain, the claimed victim went out that evening of March 24 with friends. She encountered a man that night on a “party bus,” and she recognized his name as Aiden, according to the court document. She allegedly told police that she and her friends had drank alcohol, including shots, from an unidentified bottle that he had supposedly provided for them.

The alleged victim reported that as time went on, her vision started to blur and she started to feel “dizzy and nauseous,” according to the police report. She remembers leaving a house party in Henderson, Nevada, which is about 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas, and going to her car as the next memory from that evening.

Aiden Cicchetti Leaked Viral Video
Aiden Cicchetti Leaked Viral Video

According to reports, the girl told investigators that when she woke up in the middle of the night, she was in the boy’s kitchen, where he had brought the bottle of alcohol. She claimed to be wearing a blanket around her waist and to be missing her panties and pants. She arrived back at her house at 3:40 a.m.

The girl received a social media message from Cicchetti later that day in which she reported having $3 with her, according to the police report. The girl told police that she thought he was kidding at first until the next day, when she got a message reading, “LMAO look what I found on my phone.” The cruel statement was accompanied by three videos showing Cicchetti physically abusing the girl as she was in the backseat of her car. The people who taped the tapes were reportedly heard laughing in the background, according to the police.

The girl reportedly showed the tapes to a friend at school the following day, who advised her to notify the authorities, according to the police. After that, the girl allegedly told a school wellness advisor what had happened. According to the Review-Journal, the dean seized a phone that contained the videos.

Police allegedly watched the three recordings and discovered that they varied in length from three to eleven seconds. The footage depicts the girl as “barely conscious.” Police asserted that in one of the suspected films, the girl can be heard screaming “stop” while Cicchetti engages in sexual activity with her. The girl is allegedly heard shouting “No, no, no” in another video, according to the police.

Cicchetti allegedly had two accounts of the evening, according to the LVMPD. He allegedly admitted to having alcohol in his system, having cloudy vision, but maintaining control over his actions. His arrest report indicates that when questioned if he had $3x with anybody during the party’s night or the early morning hours that followed, “he said no.”

The videos were then reportedly given to him by police.

After watching the video, the 17-year-old reportedly confessed being himself and sobbed, according to the report. He apparently originally assured them that the $3x was consensual but afterwards informed police that the girl’s friends had “forced him” to have $3x with her.

According to the Review-Journal, the defendant’s lawyer mother was present throughout the initial police questioning of her son. Cicchetti was first detained in an institution for children. At the start of the week, he was detained in the Clark County Detention Facility.

In comments to the Review-Journal, Cicchetti’s defense attorney, Ross Goodman, reiterated his client’s claim that the $3x was a consensual arrangement. He reportedly claimed that when witnesses’ accounts differed from those in the arrest report, officers did not question them. Additionally, Goodman told the newspaper there was no evidence the girl “was incoherent or otherwise blacked out.”

Law&Crime contacted the Clark County District Attorney’s Office for a comment on this item, but no response was received. The LVMPD was given a request for access to public records.

On June 21, a status review of the case will take place.

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