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James Charles is a popular American internet personality, beauty YouTuber, and makeup artist. He first gained fame on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, and later became known for his YouTube channel, where he posts videos about makeup, beauty, and fashion. Charles is known for his dramatic and colorful makeup looks, and has won several awards for his work as a makeup artist. He has also released his own line of cosmetics, called Sisters Apparel.

In yet another controversy, James Charles has come under fire after screenshots of a conversation he had with a man on TikTok on Friday, January 6, were leaked. After David refused to send him a selfie, James allegedly flirted with him and sent him unsolicited illicit photos.

There was an immediate backlash against the 23-year-old YouTuber, who has sent predatory texts to underage young boys. According to @dwmidnights, one Twitter user

“When is he gonna stop…ENOUGH NOW.”

After James started following him on TikTok, David sent him a direct message with the following message:

“Age check please”.

They shifted their conversation to Instagram after David confirmed he was 18+. The conversation between them was later captured in a few screenshots.

ames Charles sextape Video
James Charles sextape Video

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