At Auburn University, we take claims of misbehavior seriously and are dedicated to keeping our community a safe place for all individuals. Concerns have recently been voiced in relation to an alleged video that allegedly features one of our student-athletes, Jarquez Hunter. We intend to handle this circumstance as soon as possible, with full transparency, and with the utmost honesty. We will give a thorough review of our response to the purported Jarquez Hunter video in this piece, highlighting our dedication to responsibility, student welfare, and promoting an inclusive culture.

Investigation Process and Immediate Actions Taken

When Auburn University became aware of the allegedly inappropriate video featuring Jarquez Hunter, they acted quickly and started an extensive investigation. Our top concern is to make sure that the matter is evaluated fairly and objectively while upholding the rights of all parties involved. We have hired experts to conduct witness interviews, gather evidence, and conduct a full investigation into the incident’s circumstances.


We have immediately suspended those people who were allegedly seen in the video while we wait for the investigation’s findings. These suspensions are a preventative measure to make sure the inquiry is conducted without interruption and to protect the interests of all parties. We are aware of the importance of upholding due process, and we will thus meticulously examine all pertinent information before coming to any conclusions.

Commitment to Student Welfare

The health of our students is our top priority at Auburn University. We are unwavering in our commitment to provide students a safe, encouraging atmosphere where they can succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. We have added more support systems in response to the purported Jarquez Hunter video in order to help any students who may have been impacted by this occurrence.

Our counseling services are readily available to provide students who might need assistance during this trying time with private support. We urge anyone who is affected by this circumstance to get in touch with our counseling center, where qualified specialists are available to offer advice, tools, and a listening ear.

Upholding Our Values: Accountability and Inclusivity

Auburn University upholds the greatest values of honesty, responsibility, and diversity as an organization. We support creating an atmosphere in which everyone in our community is treated with respect and dignity. The claimed video goes against the principles we uphold, and we are dedicated to handling this situation appropriately and openly.

To identify the best course of action, our inquiry will carefully examine the incident’s facts and circumstances. Any people discovered to have broken our code of conduct will be held accountable, and the proper disciplinary action will be implemented. Auburn University vehemently opposes any forms of prejudice, harassment, and negative conduct, and we will take tough action to uphold our dedication to a welcoming and safe campus community.

Strengthening Policies and Prevention Strategies

While responding to the purported Jarquez Hunter video, we understand the value of taking preventative action to stop such situations from happening in the future. In order to promote a culture of respect, understanding, and individual accountability, Auburn University regularly reviews and improves its educational programs and policies.

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We are actively participating in discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion through ongoing collaborations with student organizations, teachers, and staff. We work to equip our community members to identify, confront, and prevent misconduct and inappropriate behaviors by raising awareness and offering thorough training.


Auburn University is still committed to respecting its core principles and creating an atmosphere that supports the success and well-being of its students. We are dedicated to conducting a thorough and impartial inquiry because the claimed Jarquez Hunter video is a serious subject. Our behavior demonstrates our unshakable dedication to transparency, student welfare, and diversity. As necessary, we will keep you updated on the investigation to maintain transparency and show that we’re committed to solving this problem.

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