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Joan Jett & Jenna Jameson

The p0rn star with a racy royal past: CBB housemate Jenna Jameson’s conquests include a dalliance with Princess Sofia of Sweden (and that was on a reality show too.

Jenna can also include Marilyn Manson and Tommy Lee among her high-profile conquests.She spoke about her one-night stand with rockstar,

Marilyn in her 2003 autobiography, claiming the only kinky element was when he sucked the skin on her upper arm.Jenna was in a brief relationship with Tommy Lee in 1998 after his marriage to Pamela Anderson.

She’s also had lesbian romances with singer Joan Jett of rock band The Runaways and has claimed her best relationship was with fellow p0rn star Nikki Tyler, who she lived with before her career took off.

Jenna, 41, who was once dubbed the ‘Queen of Porn’ after starred in more than 100 films, is now such a mainstream celebrity

she has her own waxwork in LA’s Madame Tussaud’s and appeared in Eminem’s video for Without Me.

But her past includes a raunchy kiss with Swedish royal Princess Sofia on a reality television show and a leaked video which caught her smashing up security cameras.

She entered the Big Brother house in the UK versus US themed lineup this week and former p0rn star Jenna Jameson is expected to ruffle a few full video

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