Watch Rida Isfahani Video Leaked on Twitter and Reddit

Pakistani actress Rida Isfahani is stunning, young, and talented. Since 2008, she has been working in the entertainment industry. Mostly known for her role in soaps, the actress has appeared in a number of TV series. Among the popular dramas she has produced are Dehleez, Shehryar Shehzadi, Chor Darwazay, Meri Saheli Meri Bhabi, Kitni Girhen Baqi Hain, Pul Siraat, and more.

Rida Isfahani
Rida Isfahani

Rida Isfahani Video Leaked

It has been reported on the internet that her fans were traumatized by her leaked videos in November 2016. She shocked the public and the media industry with her controversy. Her fiance, who was also a DOP, broke her trust and spread her pictures. It was the closest person to her who did it.

Rida Isfahani video leaked on internet
Rida Isfahani video leaked on internet

She mentioned that she shared it with Nadir Ali because she knew he respected women. Rida Isfahani recently discussed it for the first time on Nadir Ali’s podcast.

Rida said, “I would discuss it with you because you respect women. If your trust is breached then it means it is the end of the humanity, I would say It’s Allah who gives respect and who reveals your bad side in front of others, sometimes, the punishment comes early because Allah doesn’t want someone special to fall astray”

Afterward, Rida said, “Well, my trust was broken by my fiancee, he was not of my sect, so I persuaded my parents to accept him. conservative as I wanted to be with one person, I had a relationship with DOP. He wasn’t even wealthy, he proposed to me and I accepted, after three years of my engagement he leaked my pictures there were people who urged me to do a press conference, but I didn’t because it was his deed, this is my tragedy and I’ll take it to my grave with me. I also received terminations from projects as a result of this incident. Opportunities were found for him through agencies after this, I was also clueless at that time, his act was bad, I will be embarrassed in front of my loved ones who never said a bad word to me after this tragedy, they were so hurt.

Rida Isfahani's video leaked
Rida Isfahani’s video leaked
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