Who is Zaniar Matapour? 42 years Old Zaniar Matapour Arrest in Oslo Club Shooting

Who is Zaniar Matapour? 42 years Old Zaniar Matapour Arrest in Oslo Club Shooting

Oslo Club Shooting

The police lawyer Christian Hatlo told the press this morning that Zaniar Matapour, who was arrested last night for the shooting, had come to them in the past. According to news reports, the police are now investigating whether they were radicalized in recent years. 

Who is Zaniar Matapour?

A 42-year-old man has been charged with murder, attempted murder, and terrorism. After shooting in the capital last night, two people were killed and several others were injured.

A 5 threat level has been raised by the police security service (PST) after a shooting incident. A level 5 threat is the most serious. The shooting was considered a terrorist act by police.

Zaniar Matapour BackGround

Evidence suggests the perpetrator made threats and acted violently in the past. PST Chief Roger Berg says the agency has had knowledge of the perpetrator since 2015, and is concerned that he may be radicalized and be a member of a radical Islamist network in Norway.

We talked with the perpetrator in May, but we didn’t consider the perpetrator to have violent intentions. The perpetrator was convicted by Matapour previously.

Formerly sentenced to 10 months in prison for a stabbing in a nightclub, he also has convictions for aggravated assault and possession of drugs. Several of the charges against him were dismissed when the appeal was heard by the Court of Appeals.

His young age and “obvious mental problems” were taken into account during the verdict. A 30 day prison term was instead imposed. The defendant was found guilty of possessing 100 grams of cocaine in February 2016.

42 years Old Zaniar Matapour Arrest in Oslo Club Shooting
42 years Old Zaniar Matapour Arrest in Oslo Club Shooting

At the time, the circumstances were quite different from now. A 30-day unconditional sentence was given, followed by a 90-day unconditional sentence. The total confiscation and legal fees he had to pay were 21,500 kroner.

An alleged shooting at a home in Oslo led to Matapour’s arrest and prosecution in 2019. He was not convicted of this offense, according to news reports. In September 2020, he was convicted of walking in a public place with a folding knife. A fine of $12,000 was imposed on him. In the video below, the 42-year-old is shown being arrested.

Zaniar Matapour wiki/Bio

A 42-year-old Iranian man lives in central Oslo. Norwegian by birth, he was born in the Kurdish part of Iran. With the rest of his family, he came to Norway in the early 90s.

An old judgment states that Matapour is receiving disability benefits. An attorney has stated that no one is required to participate in their own prosecution, including a person who is heavily medicated and suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

According to the 2016 judgment, it is presumed that the accused has lived in Norway for quite some time and has been receiving disability benefits since 2013.

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Matapour’s health was also a concern during his remand in custody in 2007. – The court assumes that the accused will soon receive his usual depression medication since he appears to be very depressed.

It was stated in a ruling from 2021 that the accused “has had mental problems for a number of years, such as PTSD, delusions, and difficulties concentrating.” The motive for Matapour’s action is currently unknown, but police do not rule out that health can play a role.

Based on an overall assessment, the police believe that the perpetrator’s motivation was to create serious fear. According to prosecutor Christian Hatlo, psychiatry is also a theory.

It is still unknown whether he will be questioned, and his defense attorney has changed. Originally appointed as Matapour’s defender, Cecilie Nakstad now confirms that she will not be doing so. In an interview with news, Naktstad says she has never met a 42-year-old. Naktstad is now represented by lawyer John Christian Elden.

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