Woman Dies On Smith Machine Full Video On Twitter & Reddit (Full Video)

On Reddit, a video of a lady attempting to squat 180kg on a Smith machine has gone viral. The woman is seen attempting to complete the squat before collapsing and dying on the machine in the footage. The tragedy has aroused considerable indignation and has led to increased calls for safety measures in gyms Source.

Here’s what we know about the terrible death of a woman on a Smith machine.

Full Footage of a Woman Dying on a Smith Machine What Happened on Reddit? The video, which was originally shared on Reddit, depicts a lady attempting to squat 180kg on a Smith machine.

She is seen labouring to finish the lift before collapsing and falling to the ground. Despite the attempts of people around her to resuscitate her, she dies on the machine. The video has generated a heated debate regarding weightlifting safety and the necessity for basic gym safety procedures.

Woman Dies On Smith Machine Full Video
Woman Dies On Smith Machine Full Video

What Happened to the Gym in the Aftermath? The gym where the woman died on the Smith machine was briefly closed for an inquiry following the event.

The gym’s administration issued a statement in which they expressed their sorrow to the woman’s family and emphasised their commitment to safety Source. The tragedy has also reignited calls for gym safety laws and better training for gym employees.

The Reaction: What Are People Saying?

The video of the woman dying on the Smith machine has provoked a great lot of fury and sadness on social media. Numerous people have expressed their sympathies to the woman’s family and advocated for improved gym safety measures.

Several individuals have also criticised the gym for enabling lady to attempt such a hefty lift without sufficient supervision or safety protections in place.

The Debate: Is the Footage Real?

There has been significant debate about whether or not the footage of the woman dying on the Smith machine is genuine.

While some people believe it is a legitimate film, others believe it is a fake or manufactured video Source. Unfortunately, neither argument is supported by compelling evidence, and the film remains a devastating warning of the hazards of weightlifting without sufficient safety procedures.

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