Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video: Sehaj Arora NSFW Footage (Watch The Video)

Explaining the “Kulhad pizza couple” viral video mms controversy A thorough investigation of the popular video that got people’s attention on social media reveals the intriguing and contentious incident’s background. Explore the contentious conversations it has sparked and learn the truth behind the viral phenomenon.

Sehaj Arora‘s NSFW footage from the Kulhad Pizza Couple viral video can be seen in the video.

Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video

The viral video of the Kulhad Pizza couple has received a lot of attention, however, it is actually a private recording they made after getting married. The incriminating clip is a personal video that plainly depicts the well-known Jalandhar couple.

The hashtags #KulhadPizzaCoupleViralVideo, #kulhadpizza, #kulhadpizzacouple, #KulhadPizzaViralVideo refer to a notable social media trend that gained widespread attention and went viral on various online platforms. This viral video featured a couple enjoying a unique culinary experience.

This film, shot not long after their wedding, gives us a peek into their personal lives. Due to its sensitive and mature content, the video has been granted an X classification, indicating that it is unsuitable for general audiences.

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The video appears to have been filmed soon after their wedding ceremony because the woman can be seen wearing her red wedding band. The footage shows the couple conversing, but it is difficult to make out the man’s face.

Although his wife, who may have been drunk, is mentioned frequently in the video, it appears that he may have been the one who took the pictures.

Both the couple’s identities and the details of the video are kept secret. It’s unclear whether the two released the video on purpose or if it was a result of a leak.

Why is the ‘Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video’ trending?

The Kulhad Pizza couple from Jalandhar is allegedly facing criticism after a private, apparently X-rated film got popular online and appeared to belong to them. As mentioned in this post by truescoopnews.com, Sehaj Arora, the proprietor of Kulhad Pizza, is allegedly denying these accusations.

Kulhad Pizza Couple

According to the story, Arora purportedly came to the conclusion that the popular video was phony and that artificial intelligence (AI) was responsible for its creation. After being blackmailed on Instagram, he subsequently filed a FIR at Thana Number 4 in Jalandhar. The footage in question won’t be made public by HOLR since it purportedly contains disturbing material.

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Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video
Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video

Arora used social media to share a video explaining the situation, as stated below (also in the article):

“The video which is getting viral is totally fake. 15 days ago, a message came on Instagram which contained the video as well. The user in the message blackmailed me for payment or else the video will be leaked online. Deciding not to give money to any random person, I went to Jalandhar’s Police Station number 4 and filed a complaint. The Police also rounded up some people in the matter. However, I got indulged in other works and the Police therefore could not take more action. Then, suddenly the video came into the limelight and is totally fake.”

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Who Leaked Kulhad Pizza Couple’s Viral MMS Video?

On Friday, the police found the bank account and captured the woman. However, the private video with the pizza restaurant owners had already become widely popular on social media before her arrest.

On Friday, the Jalandhar Police detained a lady who had shared personal recordings of her former employers, the well-known Kulhad Pizza pair, online. She had been fired from her job at the well-known influencer couple’s Jalandhar pizzeria.

According to the police, the woman’s performance at the pizza restaurant resulted in her termination.

In an effort to ‘avenge’ her termination from the company, the ex-employee had made an attempt to demand Rs 20,000 in exchange for the sexual material in the tapes.

Following the filing of a First Information Report (FIR) on September 20, which cited Indian Penal Code Sections 384 (extortion) and 509 (outraging the modesty of a lady), along with pertinent IT Act sections, the arrest occurred as a result.

On September 7, the accused woman messaged Sehaj Arora, the proprietor of a pizza shop, through a bogus Instagram account, demanding payment of Rs 20,000 to stop the release of a private film starring him and his wife. She specified a timeframe for the money transfer and gave the bank account number.

The pizza shop’s owner, Sehaj Arora, released a video of himself on Friday in which he could be seen sobbing and pleading with viewers not to share it.

“I won’t delve into whether the video is real or not. Instead, let’s focus on the dire circumstances we find ourselves in. Just two days ago, my wife underwent surgery. Our home, which should have been filled with joy, now bears an atmosphere of despair. We live in uncertainty, unsure of what the future holds,” Sehaj Arora said.

Arora told YouTuber Karan Dutta about the terrifying experience of going to the police to investigate an alleged case of extortion by a lady who demanded a cash deposit and threatened to leak compromising videos without payment. He disclosed that the subject woman had subsequently been detained by the police.

Arora accused YouTuber Karan Dutta in an outright accusation, saying Dutta was to blame for the video’s viral success. He expressed his regret over the terrible effects it has had on his life and those of his family, saying that he is in danger of losing everything he has fought so hard to achieve. He continued, saying the incident has caused his family much distress. “Because of this ordeal, I am unable to leave my house,” Arora said.

Sehaj Arora Clarifies on leaked video, calls it fake

The famous Kulhad Pizza couple from Jalandhar, Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur, have recently been embroiled in controversy after a purported “private video” of them went viral on September 20.

Sehaj Arora, the proprietor of Kulhad Pizza, sent his second video message to Instagram on September 24. In it, he sobbed as he described the psychological trauma these leaked images have caused for him and his family. The victim urged people to stop posting the videos on social media while sobbing.

“I had a child 2 days ago. The house which should be resonating with laughter, cheers and celebrations at this time is dead silent. My wife is young, I am having difficulty pacifying her. You people also have mothers, sisters and daughters at your home, just imagine our situation right now…. Neither can we step out of our home, nor can we do anything else. We are ruined. One person is saying shit about us, sometimes through comments, sometimes by coming live online. With folded hands, I am requesting please do not share the video, please do not make it viral.”

Sehaj Arora spoke out about the incident on September 21 after the video began spreading on social media. The owner of Kulhad Pizza claimed that the video was phony and that AI was used to morph the images in his first video message posted on Instagram. Additionally, he discussed the agony that his family and he had been going through ever since the tapes went viral.

Arora said that the video and a blackmail message on Instagram had been leaked 15 days earlier, hinting at being the victim of a sextortion scheme. Sehaj stated that the couple opted to seek justice through the legal system rather than submit to the blackmailer’s pressure, and as a result, they filed a FIR at Thana Number 4 in Jalandhar.

“The viral video is completely fabricated. We received a message on Instagram 15 days ago, along with the video. The social media user asked for money, threatening the post the video on the internet. Following this, I lodged a complaint in Jalandhar’s Police Station number 4,” he said in a video shared by him.

“The police also rounded up some people in the matter. However, I became preoccupied with other tasks, and the Police were unable to take further action. Then, all of a sudden, the video went viral,” he added.

He added that the faces in the video may have been switched using AI by the blackmailers. Additionally, Sehaj advised viewers to stop sharing the video and remove it while threatening legal action.

Watch Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video

Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video
Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video
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