Watch Jackson Mahomes Assault Video Leaked On Twitter, Raddit

Despite his brother Patrick’s best efforts, Jackson Mahomes was never completely accepted in Kansas City. Fans frequently regard the Chiefs’ star quarterback’s brother as a nuisance. Jackson has also gotten into difficulties in the past for his… dubious acts. Jackson Mahomes is now facing claims of assault (both physical and sexual) following an incident at a neighborhood bar.

The video, which has gone viral on Twitter, shows Jackson Mahomes aggressively kissing a woman (the bar owner) twice. In addition, a police report alleged that the Chiefs star’s brother pushed a server in the same bar. That is heinous behavior from a man who was already widely despised. As you may guess, Twitter was both upset at Jackson… and simultaneously applauding his “downfall”.

A admirer remarked on how simple Jackson Mahomes’ life would have been if he hadn’t gotten into trouble. For crying out loud, he’s Patrick Mahomes’ brother! All he had to do was not be a jerk… However, here we are. It’s no surprise that Chiefs supporters despise him.

Some fans used the opportunity to share their worst Jackson Mahomes stories. It speaks a lot when a lot of people are telling stories about your wrongdoing.

Patrick Mahomes is a generally good guy who hasn’t been in any major controversy (except for his love for ketchup in everything). Unfortunately, his brother seems to be the exact opposite of the Chiefs star. We will keep you updated on more information that comes out from this story.

Watch Jackson Mahomes Assault Video

Watch Jackson Mahomes Assault Video
Watch Jackson Mahomes Assault Video
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