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When adjourning the Alex Murdaugh case today, Judge Clifford Newman issued a warning about the sharing of terrible autopsy photographs of Maggie and Paul’s bodies that were mistakenly exposed during the trial.

Furthermore, he compared the scenario to that of Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s widow, who sued Los Angeles officials for allegedly leaking photos of the helicopter crash that killed her husband and kid.

When a member of the prosecution’s team displayed the photographs on his computer while questioning pathologist Dr. Ellen Riemer, they were accidentally broadcast on one of the trial’s many live streams.

Some live stream viewers saw the terrible photographs and shared them on Twitter. In sentencing Murdaugh today, Judge Newman issued a caution.

Second, there is currently an investigation into the downloading of autopsy photographs that began within the courtroom and, based on the direction of the images, originated within the court well.

Of course, the parties’ right to privacy and the parties’ right not to have those matters made public are two reasons why we attempted to seal explicit photos.

Everyone who has heard about the recent arrangement Kobe Bryant’s wife signed with the Los Angeles County and other parties about certain disclosures connected to the basketball player’s death should be aware that liability can be severe and, for the most part, the risk is not worth taking.

We’ll let everybody make their own decision, he said. South Carolina law enforcement will be in charge of investigating the leak.

Twitter Murdaugh autopsy photos

Bryant and his daughter Gigi were tragically killed, along with seven other people, on January 26, 2020, when their helicopter pilot ignored weather warnings and crashed onto a Los Angeles hillside.

As they died, emergency services and police officials on the scene first released gruesome photographs of the collision site, including several of their burnt remains.

Vanessa Bryant, who successfully sued Los Angeles County, accepted a settlement of $28.9 million this week. Judge Newman also warned jurors who requested anonymity not to be intimidating.

One has already come forward to explain how they arrived at their judgment and why he believed Murdaugh was guilty all along. Notwithstanding this, Judge Newman maintained that the others had a right to privacy.

On one of the trial’s days, a courtroom camera accidentally recorded the jury members as they left the courthouse with Murdaugh. These photographs were shown live to audiences all across the world.

The jury members have the option, but not the obligation, to retain their privacy. It wouldn’t surprise me if any of the jurors decided to speak up. I have no objections to the jurors identifying themselves and talking with the media; they are welcome to do so.

They had a life-changing meeting. Please notify me if someone attempts to disrupt or harass them so that I can take appropriate action.’ Judge Newman went on to say. Murdaugh was sentenced to two concurrent life terms.

Murdaugh Autopsy Leaked video
Murdaugh Autopsy Leaked video

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