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Unbelievable American entertainer Marlon Brando, who began by emulating different children in his childhood, is today recognized as The Godfather and one of Hollywood’s most vague stars of the twentieth century.

After his passing in 2004, a great deal was uncovered by the tapes recorded about the concealed incubi behind his sensational highs and separately pulverizing lows. Known for carrying authenticity to acting, he won different honors incorporating the Academy Award in the Best Actor classification for his parts in On the Waterfront and The Godfather.

Marlon Brando jr Childhood

Marlon Brando Personal Information

Name   Marlon Brando Jr

Nickname:   Brando, Bud, Mr. Mumbles

Marlon Brando jr

Date of Birth: April 3, 1924

Zodiac Sign: Aries


July1, 2004

Born Place: Omaha , Nebraska,U.S

Occupation: Actor, Fim Director, Activist, Writer

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’9

Weight: 110kg

Distinctive features: Square Jawline, Unique Voice

Eye Color: Blue

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Marlon Brando Family

Father:Marlon Brando Sr

Marlon Brando jr Father

Mother: Dorothy Julia

Marlon Brando jr Mother

Siblings:Jocelyn Brando, Frances Brando

Marlon Brando jr Sister
sisters 2
Marlon Brando jr Siblings

Manager: 805Basecamp

Marlon Brando Jr Girlfriends:

Vito Christi, Rock Hudson, Ellen Adler,

Elaine Stritch,

Elaine Stritch

Stella Adler,

girlfriend stella
Marlon Brando jr with Stella Adler

Leonard Bernstein, Noel Coward,

Lucy Saroyan,

lucy saryon
Lucy Saryon

James Dean, Hedy Lamarr, Montgomery Clifford, Paul Newman, Edith Piaf

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Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins

Diahann Caroll

Marlon Brando jr with Diahann Caroll

total 48 girlfriends

Katy Jurado

Marlon Brando jr with Katy Jurado

Ethnicity :English, Irish, German, Dutch, french, Welsh, Scottish

Religion: Deism

Best Known For Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather, Stanley Kowalski Streetcar film named  Desire


Marlon Brando was an American actor/comedian with a prolific career spanning over 60 years, winning the Academy Award for Best Actor two times. He is recognized as the most influential and greatest actor of the 20th century. Much has been written about his life and career, but many lesser-known facts about him are also discussed. This article discusses some of the lesser-known aspects of his career, bringing to light some forgotten facets of one of Hollywood’s greatest ever actors.

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Marlon Brando Jr in Godfather

Born in 1906 in what was then called Genovia, Brando’s parents were both farmers. Because of this, Brando was frequently left alone during his early childhood years. As a result, he developed a rather unstable emotional state and was constantly acting out, often getting into fights or destroying his property. All of these behaviors are typical of what we would today call anger issues, as well as some of the problems that plague people in similar situations.

Brando’s first two major roles came in motion pictures that are now known simply as “Masters of Comedy.” These include “The Man Who Played Go” and “The Godfather.” In many ways, both of these films foreshadowed roles that Brando would eventually take, and he certainly picked up on the acting bug at a young age. Most experts would credit this development to his father, Joseph L. Brando, who was a voracious reader and always found ways to provide his son with entertainment. A passion for comedy also developed as Brando’s acting development progressed, and even if it wasn’t the same as his father’s, he was always able to find ways to make comedy work in movies.

Marlon Brando Jr in Desire

Brando’s Movies list

  1. The Men                  1950
  2. A streetcar Named desire                  1951
  3. Viva Zapata!                 1952
  4. Julius Caesar                1953
  5. The wild one                1953
  6. On the waterfront      1954
  7. Desiree                 1954
  8. Guys and dolls            1955
  9. The teahouse of the august moon        1956
  10. Sayonara      1957
  11. The young lions       1958
  12. The fugitive kind          1960
  13. One-eyed jacks            1961
  14. Mutiny on the bounty      1962
  15. The ugly American         1963
  16. Bedtime story          1964
  17. Morituri  1965
  18. The chase 1966
  19. The Appaloosa 1966
  20. A countess from hong kong   1967
  21. Reflections in a golden eye  1967
  22. Candy       1968
  23. The night of the following day  1969
  24. Burn!         1969
  25. The Night comers       1971
  26. The godfather           1972
  27. Last Tango in Paris     1972
  28. The Missouri breaks           1976
  29. Superman     1978
  30. Apocalypse now         1979
  31. The formula   1980
  32. A dry white season 1989
  33. The freshman 1990
  34. Christopher Columbus: the discovery   1992
  35. Don Juan DeMarco   1994
  36. The island of Dr. Moreau   1996
  37. The brave    1997
  38. Free Money          1998
  39. The score 2001

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Once he began to develop some degree of confidence in his acting abilities, he was able to take on bigger and more ambitious roles, playing characters in movies that had as much depth and emotion as those in his earlier work. Some of his finest roles were those that showcased his versatility as an actor; he played opposite one of the greatest actors of all time in Marlon Brando in “Mystic River.” Brando gave him an acting role that few could match, and while many assumed that the collaboration between the two would be a commercial disaster, it was a great chance for Brando to work with one of the greatest of all time.

Marlon Brando Old
Marlon Brando jr Old

Brando’s most memorable role might be his turn as the aging Italian aristocrat Vito Corleone in “The Godfather.” This film, which comes to DVD this week, ranks as his best performance ever. Also winning him many awards including the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, this movie is widely considered to be one of the best films of all time. Although Brando did lose some of his appeal with subsequent films (most notably his turn in “For a Few Dollars More,” which was not well received by critics), there are still many who consider his films to be his greatest works.

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Marlon Brando’s acting prowess is most noted in his HBO film, “The Sopranos.” Although the movie was considered to be too dark and gritty for many people, others loved it and considered it to be a very entertaining and suspenseful film. One of the main characters, Tony Soprano, was so charismatic that he was remembered fondly by many for his work ethic and sense of commitment. Brando’s portrayal of this extremely complex and colorful character was also very memorable.

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